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The analysis data, tools, and publications below highlight analysis products sponsored or produced by EERE's Strategic Analysis team.

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Thumbnail of Transportation Energy Futures Study Points to Deep Cuts in Petroleum and Emissions

Analysis Snapshots

The Analysis Snapshot series provides timely and accessible "snapshots" about the state of knowledge for today's key energy efficiency, renewable energy, and sustainable transportation topics.





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Program Evaluation

The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy measures and evaluates its projects and programs by quantifying impacts, assessing progress, and promoting improvement. The Program Evaluation site provides a background on the purposes and processes of program evaluation as well as links to completed evaluations.


Screenshot of Transparent Cost Database.

Transparent Cost Database

The Transparent Cost Database collects program cost and performance estimates for EERE technologies in a public forum where they can be viewed and compared to other published estimates. The database includes literature on technology cost and performance estimates for vehicles, biofuels, and electricity generation.


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Renewable Electricity Futures Study

This study is an initial investigation of the extent to which renewable energy supply can meet the electricity demands of the continental United States over the next several decades.





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Transportation Energy Futures Study

The Transportation Energy Futures project examines underexplored petroleum savings and greenhouse gas reduction opportunities by considering combined strategies to increase vehicle mode efficiency, manage transportation service demand, and decrease the carbon intensity of fuels.




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Free Energy Data (FRED)

Free Energy Data (FRED) is an open-access tool designed by EERE Analysis, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, and the Planetary Skin Institute to assist government and corporate energy planners to set long-term goals, identify lessons learned from other organizations, and track progress by making energy information more accessible, consistent, and transparent across organizations. FRED collects energy supply and demand data at a state and national level and normalizes and displays this data in simple, easy-to-understand maps, time series, and flow diagrams. Side-by-side comparisons, energy flow (Sankey) diagrams and forecast scenarios help prioritize future energy policies. Users are encouraged to upload their own energy data to compare their organization's performance against other states and user-provided regions, so every user of FRED, from local to national, will increase the value to every other user in the community.

Demand Response and Energy Storage Integration Study

This study explores the value of demand response and energy storage to the bulk power system and highlights markets and institutions that facilitate their use.