Program Evaluation: Peer Review Record

The peer review record is established at the beginning and maintained throughout the review process. The record should contain all the key documents of the review. This record is an important part of transparency of the process and will aid EERE in efforts to continually improve its peer review process. The following documents could be included

Preparation Stage:

  • Name of Review Leader
  • Brief description of projects/program being reviewed
  • Evaluation criteria and review questions
  • List of data collected and presented
  • Data Collection and Analysis Plan
  • Review Timeline
  • Copy of the detailed budget for the review
  • Copy of the review Agenda

Pre-Review Stage:

  • Description of the reviewer nomination and selection process
  • Name, affiliation, and background of each reviewer
  • Guidelines sent to reviewers with criteria, etc.
  • Project Information Sheet prepared by Principal Investigator for each reviewed project
  • Copies of other data and materials provided and presented to reviewers
  • Signed Conflict of Interest forms for each reviewer
  • Signed Nondisclosure agreement for each reviewer, when needed

Conduct of Review Stage:

  • Copies of all slide presentations given by the Principal Investigator
  • Completed written comments from each reviewer
  • Completed evaluation forms to obtain feedback to improve the peer review process
  • Review Report (if prepared by panel)
  • Review report prepared by review leader and chairperson for the program manager

Post-Review Stage:

  • Program response added to the Peer Review Report
  • Summary report on the findings of the evaluation of the peer review process
  • Status reports from program manager (or Principal Investigators) on actions taken in response to the peer review findings

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