U.S. Department of Energy - Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Energy Analysis

Energy Intensity Indicators: Trend Data

The files listed below contain energy intensity data and documentation that supports the information presented on this Web site. The files are in Microsoft® Excel® format and are available to view and/or download. The entire set of files is also available for download as a zipped* (compressed) file.

The first worksheet in each spreadsheet provides a directory to how the data are organized in other worksheets. The times series data are arranged by columns, with rows for years from 1949 forward. Generally the key source data (energy consumption and activity measures) are in the left-most columns of each worksheet. The next set of columns contain the various intensity indicators, expressed in both nominal units and in index form. The yellow highlighted area in each worksheet shows the final set of intensity and structural indexes. On the far right of the worksheet (to the right of the solid blue column) are the detailed formulas that embody the Divisia index methodology used to aggregate indexes (see Methodology).

Note: The Excel® spreadsheets are in draft form. An alert box may pop-up with a warning that the workbook is linked to other data sources. If this occurs," please select "No" or "Don't Update."

*Applications to open zipped files may be found/downloaded from PK Ware Inc..