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Biomass 2012: Day 2

This page displays the agenda and links to available presentations and video highlights from the first day of Biomass 2012. To view the agenda, presentations, and video highlights from day one, please visit the Biomass 2012: Day 1 page. Approved presentations have been made available via secure PDFs—copying or using any materials without the consent of the presentation owner is prohibited.

*Denotes presentations that were not posted at the request of the speaker.

Introduction and Overview of the Bioenergy Technologies Office and Conference Co-Host

Opening Congressional Keynotes

Opening Federal Keynotes

Breakout Session 2

Session 2-A – Financing Strategies for Advanced Biorefineries
This breakout session discussed both domestic and international opportunities for commercial-scale biorefineries. As these projects are characterized by risks in feedstock, technology, and product off-take agreements, this session discussed strategies to overcome financial challenges.

Session 2-B – Thoughtful Landscape Design for Bioenergy and Ecosystem Sustainability
This session reframed the land-use change discussion to focus on innovative land management approaches that maximize both economic and environmental benefits. Panelists discussed strategies for designing landscapes that optimize productivity while maintaining or improving ecological attributes such as water quality, soil quality, and biodiversity.

Session 2-C – The Road Less Traveled: Alternative Pathways to Biofuels and Products
This session covered novel and innovative approaches to converting biomass to intermediates and intermediates to hydrocarbon transportation fuel blendstocks and products. Biochemical, thermochemical, catalytic, and hybrid approaches were considered, and panelists discussed recent technical advancements and the current state of technology.

Session 2-D – Aviation Biofuels: Are you Getting on Board?
A fuels and aviation industry-based discussion on the advantages, availability, and performance of biomass-derived aviation fuels.

Session 2-E – Cellulosic Derived Sugars (CDS): Realizing the Opportunities and Challenges–Could this be the Future of Bioenergy?
The specialized production and commoditization of cellulosic sugars could serve as the impetus for revolutionary market transformation for biobased industries, including biobased transportation fuels, specialty chemicals, and other co-products. The session speakers provided unique insight into the opportunities and challenges of pioneering a cellulosic derived sugar market and the synergies that can be realized in the future if this transformation is successful.

Afternoon Keynotes

Afternoon Plenary Session: Sustaining a Commitment to Bioenergy, A Review of High Impact Federal Projects

This session explored the status and impact of several bioenergy-related projects currently supported by the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The session also provided an update on the Defense Production Act Initiative and invited audience participation in a discussion on the future role of federal funding for research, development, demonstration, and deployment projects related to bioenergy

Closing Remarks

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