Biofuels Data

Bioenergy markets are dynamic and evolving, requiring constant monitoring of product streams. The Biomass Program tracks market prices for commercially-available biofuels in cooperation with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's Clean Cities program, its own Energy Information Administration, the ethanol industry's Renewable Fuels Association, and the OPIS fuels information service, which obtains data from the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.


Biofuels Data Table

E85 Retail Price/Gallon $2.42 Feb. 15 See for more
Gasoline Retail Price/Gallon $2.60 Feb. 15 See EIA for more
Biodiesel Rack Price/Gallon $3.64 Feb. 15 See for more
Diesel Rack Price/Gallon $2.04 Feb. 15 See for more
E85 Station Count 1,980 Feb. 15 See AFDC for more
E85 Stations Opened 380 since Sept. 1
See AFDC for more
Nameplate Ethanol Refineries 201 as of Feb. 15 See for more
Nameplate Ethanol Production Capacity 13,128 million gallons Feb. 15 See for more