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Biomass 2013: Presentations

This page displays the links to available presentations from Day One and Day Two of the Bioenergy Technologies Office's (BETO) Biomass 2013 conference. Approved presentations have been made available via secure PDFs—copying or using any materials without the consent of the presentation owner is prohibited.

Day One, July 31, 2013

Welcome and Introductory Keynotes

Energy and Climate Change

Update from INEOS Bio

Opening Plenary Session: Celebrating Successes—The Foundation of an Advanced Bioindustry

The Success of Advanced Biofuels

Afternoon Keynote: Bioenergy Policy

Afternoon Plenary Session: Current Trends in the Advanced Bioindustry

Breakout Session 1: New Developments and Hot Topics

Session 1-A: Biomass and the U.S. Competitive Advantages for Manufacturing Clean Energy Products

Session 1-B: Advancing Alternative Fuels for the Military and Aviation Sector

Session 1-C: Beyond Biofuels

Session 1-D: Natural Gas & Biomass to Liquids

Session 1-E: Examining Biomass Sectors that are Gaining Traction, Breaking Ground, and Building Capacity

New Directions and New Business Opportunities for BETO

Day Two, August 1, 2013

Day Two Opening Keynotes

Promoting Sustainability on a Global Scale

Opening Plenary Session: Bioenergy Sustainability—Charting the Path toward a Viable Future

Breakout Session 2: Frontiers and Horizons

Session 2-A: Synthetic Biology and the Promise of Biofuels

Session 2–B: End Use and Fuel Certification

Session 2–C: Navigating Roadblocks on the Path to Advanced Biofuels Deployment

Session 2–D: Working Together: Conventional Refineries and Bio-Oil R&D Technologies

Afternoon Keynote

Keynote Success Story

Afternoon Plenary Introduction

Demonstration and Deployment Successes

Closing Remarks

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