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The Bioenergy Technologies Office uses a wide range of analytical tools, data, and methodologies to support decision making, guide research, and demonstrate progress toward goals. The wide variety of available biomass feedstocks, conversion technologies, and integration strategies offer a broad range of feasible biofuels scenarios, so the Office focuses its analytical activities on the biofuels research and development (R&D) pathways that offer the best potential for commercialization.

Strategic Analysis

Strategic analysis addresses cross-cutting issues to help frame overall Office direction and goals. The Office's strategic analysis activities have focused primarily on ethanol from lignocellulosic feedstocks. Examples include analyses of land-use change, the U.S. ethanol industry, and preparation of state-of-technology assessments. The Office has recently extended its strategic analyses to include a variety of advanced biofuels, which may be needed to meet legislated biofuels production targets. The Office uses detailed analysis of economic and environmental costs and benefits to make decisions regarding its future R&D activities.

Portfolio Analysis

Portfolio analysis ensures that Office activities and projects are aligned to meet the R&D targets necessary to accomplish Office goals. Each of the Office's technology platforms conduct R&D portfolio analyses in their areas of focus. Portfolio analysis guides development of a robust and balanced R&D portfolio that will enable the Office to cost-effectively achieve its targets by weighing benefits against costs and risks, taking into account the latest information on technical status, barriers, and markets, as well as external reviews of progress achieved by ongoing projects. The Program addresses pathway barriers by balancing the needs of the cellulosic biofuels industry and maintaining a connection among the various elements of the biomass-to-biofuels supply chain.

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