The Bioenergy Technologies Office staff regularly participate in industry meetings and events. Additionally, the Office participates in the bienniel Peer Review process, an evaluation mandated by EERE. The Peer Review process entails a formal, documented evaluation from independent reviewers using objective criteria. The corresponding meetings are used to produce a formal report that assists the Office in improving its productivity, project management, and overall effectiveness in a variety of project areas.

Upcoming Meetings

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Bio-Oil Co-Processing: Expanding the Refinery Supply System Workshop

The Bio-Oil Co-Processing: Expanding the Refinery Supply System Workshop will be held on April 3, 2014, in New Orleans, Louisiana. This workshop will explore the potential to partner renewable technologies with conventional petroleum refining by considering biomass-derived oils as an additional feedstock. Participants will be engaged in discussions about the potential advantages, disadvantages, and challenges of bio-oil integration in the current U.S. petroleum refinery infrastructure. For more information, see the Bio-Oil Co-Processing Workshop Web Page.

Peer Review

To view results from a past peer review or to view information about an upcoming peer review, visit the page listed by year.

Past Meetings

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