New Studies Portray Unbalanced Perspective on Biofuels: DOE Committed to Environmentally Sound Biofuels Development

May 23, 2008

DOE response based on contributions from Office of Biomass Program; Argonne National Lab, National Renewable Energy Lab, Oak Ridge National Lab, Pacific Northwest National Lab; USDA  

Two studies posted February 8, 2008 on “ScienceExpress” -- an advance web version of Science Magazine -- and widely reported in the press, raise important issues but often read like conclusions looking for an underlying rationale.  These two studies fundamentally misunderstand the local forces behind land use change issues and make no provision for mitigating impacts such as the slowdown in urbanization that a vibrant agricultural economy would bring.  Further, these two studies somewhat conflict with one another, with one supporting cellulosic ethanol and the other one opposing it, except if produced from waste.

DOE Response to Science Magazine Article (PDF  96 KB). Download Adobe Reader

Argonne National Laboratory has also issued a response to the ScienceExpress article. The text of that response can be found on the ANL Web site (PDF 29 KB). Download Adobe Reader