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Biomass 2012: Day 1

This page displays the agenda and links to available presentations and video highlights from the first day of Biomass 2012. To view the agenda, presentations, and video highlights from day two, please visit the Biomass 2012: Day 2 page. Approved presentations have been made available via secure PDFs—copying or using any materials without the consent of the presentation owner is prohibited.

*Denotes presentations that were not posted at the request of the speaker.

Welcome and Introductory Keynote

  • Valerie Reed, Acting Program Director, Bioenergy Technologies Office, U.S. Department of Energy 
  • David Danielson, Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, U.S. Department of Energy

Special Guest Presentation

A Conversation with Secretary Chu

Opening Congressional Keynote

Opening Plenary Session: "First-to-Market: Pioneering Advanced Biorefineries"

This session explored the opportunities and challenges involved in the construction of first-of-a-kind advanced biorefineries by examining the status of the pioneer projects that have broken ground in 2012.

  • Jim Lane (Moderator), Editor & Publisher, Biofuels Digest
  • Christopher G. Standlee, Executive Vice President, Abengoa
  • Peter Williams,* Chief Executive Officer, INEOS
  • William (Bill) J. Brady,* Chief Executive Officer, Mascoma Corporation
  • Christopher Ryan, President and Chief Operating Officer, Gevo
  • Theodora Retsina, Chief Executive Officer, American Process Inc.

Afternoon Keynote

  • Vice Admiral Dennis V. McGinn (U.S. Navy, Retired), President, ACORE

Afternoon Plenary Session: "The Future of the Renewable Fuel Standard and Bioenergy Tax Policy"

This session focused on some of the pressing policy issues facing the advanced biofuels industry, including the future of the Renewable Fuel Standard, the extension of the cellulosic ethanol tax credit, and other important policy and regulatory issues.

Breakout Session 1

Session 1-A – Raw Biomass to Commodity Feedstocks: The Role of Feedstock Logistics in a National-Scale Bioenergy Industry
This session brought together leaders in industry, government, and research to discuss the future of biomass feedstock logistics. Panelists addressed key challenges and new opportunities and highlight the critical role of feedstock logistics in scaling-up to a national bioenergy industry.

Session 1-B – Algal Biofuels: Practical Perspectives on Policy, Regulatory, and Environmental Considerations
This session featured a panel of algae industry representatives who discussed their experiences with various regulatory and permitting agencies, as well as strategies and lessons learned in pursuing scale-up of algal biofuel facilities.

  • Christy Sterner (Moderator), Project Officer, Bioenergy Technologies Office, U.S. Department of Energy
  • Martha Marrapese, Partner, Keller and Heckman LLP 
  • Tim Zenk, Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Sapphire Energy Inc. 
  • Patrick Ahlm, Assistant Director Government and Regulatory Affairs, Algenol Biofuels Inc. 
  • David Hanselman, Director of Regulatory Affairs, Synthetic Genomics Inc.

Session 1-C – Expanding Horizons for Biomass Utilization: Bioproducts, Biopower, and Biothermal
This session highlighted non-fuel end-uses for biomass derivatives, such as chemical bioproducts, biothermal substitutes for industrial and home heating use, and biopower generation and cofiring. Panelists discussed these topics in terms of their future potential and tradeoffs with biofuels.

  • Elliot Levine (Moderator), Technology Manager, Bioenergy Technologies Office, U.S. Department of Energy
  • Jacques Beaudry-Losique, Vice President, Corporate Development & Strategy, Codexis 
  • Peter L. Keeling, Innovation Director, Center for Biorenewable Chemicals, Iowa State University 
  • Monique Streff, Business Development Director, Envergent Technologies 
  • Susan Hager, Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications and Government Affairs, Myriant 
  • Evija Reinholde, Partner, EnertecGreen

Session 1-D – Bioenergy Coast-to-Coast: State Strategies for Accelerating Advanced Biofuels
This session focused on existing and potential state-level initiatives to promote the U.S. advanced biofuels industry. Panelists discussed state policy and legislative successes, lessons learned, and recommendations covering the full biofuels supply chain.

  • David Terry (Moderator), Executive Director, ASERTTI/NASEO
  • W. Steven Burke, President and Chief Executive Officer, Biofuels Center of North Carolina 
  • Daniel S. LeFevers, Executive Director, Washington Operations, Gas Technology Institute 
  • Bill Brandt, Director of Strategic Integration, Arizona State University 
  • Stephanie Batchelor, Senior Manager, Biotechnology Industry Organization

Session 1-E – International Cooperation to Develop Global Bioenergy Capacity
This session brought together a diverse set of players to leverage technical expertise and geographical diversity and share lessons learned in an effort to further the reach of biomass and biofuel applications, helping to build capacity that will allow for bioenergy markets to develop and deepen in the international arena.

  • Natasha Keith Vidangos (Moderator), Western Hemisphere Energy Officer, U.S. Department of State
  • Thomas Corle, Partner, Leifmark LLC, Inbicon Technology Marketing Partner 
  • Liliana Diaz, Managing Consultant, Navigant Consulting 
  • Sagun Saxena, Managing Partner, CleanStar Ventures LLC 
  • Helena Chum, Research Fellow, National Renewable Energy Laboratory