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Bioenergy Document Database - Search Help

This search will look for documents in the Bioenergy document database. It does not search the entire World Wide Web.

Search Types

You may search by category, title, abstract, keyword, author, document number, or any combination of these. For instance, you can select a category and also enter an author name.

Search by Category

To select more than one category, hold down your control (Ctrl) key while clicking on category names with your mouse.

Search by Title, Keyword, Abstract

Searches the title, abstract, and keywords to find documents with the words you typed. When you click the "search" button, three sets of results are returned: 1) documents with the exact phrase; 2) documents with all the words you typed, but not necessarily in the order you typed; 3) documents with any one of the words you typed.

Search by Author

To search for documents by a particular author (includes authors and contributing authors), type in the name of the author. You are more likely to get the results you want by typing in the last name only. If you type in two last names, separated by a space, all documents with either name listed as the author will be returned in the search results.

Search by Title Only

Searches the title for the word(s) you typed. If you typed in more than one word, the search retrieves documents with all of the words in the title, but not necessarily in the order typed.

Search by Document Number

If you know the document number, you may enter it here. You may enter multiple document numbers separated by a space.

Query Tips

Sort by

Key sort fields are provided for your selection, and the sort will be performed on that particular field. You may sort by date (ascending or descending) or title (ascending or descending).


Ascending — to sort from lower to higher (example: 1 to 100 and A to Z)
Descending — to sort from higher to lower (example: 100 to 1 and Z to A)

The default is to sort by date, order descending.

Form Mechanics

Pressing this button will submit the data query, so press this button only when you have completed all input, or

Press the "clear" button to clear the data entered.