Retailer Energy Alliance Supplier Summit Webinar—Introduction (Text Version)

Below is the text version of the introduction to the Retailer Energy Alliance (REA) Supplier Summit Webinar, presented on June 5, 2008. Doug Brookman was the presenter. This presentation provides an introduction to the Summit. There are no slides associated with this presentation.


Doug Brookman:

This is the Retailer Energy Alliance Supplier Summit.

Thank you for showing up for this important meeting. There is a lot more information and content coming shortly.

My name is Doug Brookman. I am from Public Solutions in Baltimore. I do a lot of work supporting the Department of Energy and other kinds of initiatives sponsored by the federal government and corporations and it's nice to see you here. I think we have a very interesting and exciting day for you.

As you can see at the top of the page, the purpose of this meeting is to provide retailers perspectives on opportunities and needs for building technology and application, and to establish communications between retailers and suppliers.

Following this agenda review, an overview will be provided by Dru Crawley, who is the team lead at DOE.

There are 5 specific presentations from retailers with different perspectives. The general format for this segment of the afternoon, is to provide each presenter a 20 minute or so window to talk about the specific needs that retailer sees, trying to anticipate the needs of you suppliers.

Following those brief presentations there will be a brief opportunity for Q&A. We will go through all 5 of those presentations.

Following the mid-afternoon break, there will be a panel discussion. All of our presenters, plus our DOE lead person will be at the table up here.

There is going to be a real question for more detailed Q&A, follow on, and discussion. We will go from there to the wrap up of the afternoon. And issue some rather specific challenges or opportunities as they may be to the suppliers that are listed here.

When you do speak, say your name and organizational affiliation so we have a sense of where you are coming from with your question.

I do hope you seize this opportunity today, designed specifically to create communication between retailers and suppliers.

Finally, all the presentations that you are going to see today from the presenters will be compiled in a pdf format, and they will be posted on the Web site. The Web site is listed in the packet of materials. After a little bit of time the audio that accompanies the PowerPoint slides will be embedded so you can see the entire presentation with the audio streaming. That is the plan for that. That is why you don't have the entire packet in your possession right now.

I ask for your special consideration, one of the premises of the Retailers Energy Alliance is sharing information and sharing resources and doing so in a way that doesn't create a huge advantage for one company. So I would ask for your consideration, not to be hawking your brands and wares today in this summit, in the confines of this meeting today.