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Accelerating Investment in Energy Efficiency

The Better Buildings Initiative is a national leadership initiative calling on corporate chief executive officers, university presidents, utilities, state and local officials, and other leaders to make substantial commitments to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings and plants, save money, and increase competitiveness. The cornerstones are a commitment to a 20% or more savings target across the organizations’ portfolios and a commitment to share strategies that work, substantiated by energy data across the portfolios. As part of the President's Climate Action Plan, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is expanding this initiative to engage leaders in a set of Better Buildings Accelerators designed to demonstrate specific innovative policies and approaches, which upon successful demonstration will accelerate investment in energy efficiency.


Data Centers

Designed to demonstrate best energy management strategies and cost effective infrastructure improvements in small, medium and large sized data centers



Energy Data

Designed to demonstrate low-cost, standardized approaches for providing energy data for the purpose of whole building energy performance benchmarking.



Energy Savings Performance Contracting

Designed to expand the use of energy savings performance contracting by state, and local governments, K-12 schools and others.



Home Energy Information

Designed to expand the availability and use of reliable home energy information at relevant points in residential real estate transactions.



Home Upgrade Program

Designed to demonstrate how energy upgrade programs can streamline processes to serve more homes across the country.


Outdoor Lighting

Designed to demonstrate practical and effective best practices to accelerate the adoption of high-efficiency outdoor lighting and improve system-wide replacement processes at the municipal level.



Industrial Superior Energy Performance

Designed to demonstrate cost savings from implementing SEP enterprise-wide, as well as to demonstrate strategic energy management through SEP as an effective ratepayer-funded energy efficiency program offering for industrial facilities.