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News Archives - 2006


DOE Partners with HUD and Home Depot in Hurricane Relief Program
Walgreens to Install Solar Power on 112 Stores
Stronger Air Conditioner Efficiency Standards Go Into Effect


DOE and 15 Federal Agencies Sign Green Building Agreement
DOE Releases Schedule for New Appliance Standards
State Funds Support Green Housing, Clean Energy, Bioproducts
Building Groups to Set Minimum Standard for Green Building


California Builders Include Solar Power on Hundreds of Homes
IRS Releases Guidance on Energy Efficiency Tax Credits
DOE Sets More Stringent Criteria for Energy Star Dishwashers
State Incentives Database Now Includes Energy Efficiency
DOE and EPA Honor Energy Star Partners
New Wisconsin Energy Act Boosts Efficiency and Renewable Power
Alexander Karsner Sworn in as Assistant Secretary for EERE


DOE Awards $140.3 Million to 31 States for Home Weatherization
Sustainable Business Group Develops Zero Energy Buildings
Green Roofs are Gaining Acceptance in U.S. Cities, Says Survey
Karsner: Advanced Energy Initiative is a "Vision for Victory"


New Near-Zero Energy Homes Open in California and New Jersey
President Bush Honors Energy Efficiency Leaders Young and Old
Energy and Architecture Groups Pursue Green Office Buildings
DOE Helps Develop an Energy-Efficient Water Heater
Kauai Pursues Biomass and Wind Power and Solar Water Heating
EnergyPlus Software Reaches Milestone of 40,000 Downloads
DOE Releases Funding Opportunity for Solid-State Lighting Core Technology Research
Charrette Participants Focus on Accelerating Technology Adoption in Buildings
Energy Efficiency Featured in Lecture Series at the National Building Museum


DOE Awards $34.6 Million to States for Energy Efficiency
DOE Offers $7 Million for Solid-State Lighting Research
IRS Issues Guidance on Commercial Building Tax Deduction
PNNL Researchers Achieve Record Quantum Efficiency in a Blue OLED Device
USDA Loan Program to Encourage Energy Efficient Homes
National Award Honors Leadership in Building Performance
DOE Welcomes Your Digital Photos for Energy Star Mosaic Poster
Researcher Wins Major Technical Prize for His Work on LEDs
Building in Post-Katrina Louisiana to be Featured in Lecture Series at National Building Museum
Hawaii's New Energy Bills to Boost Efficiency, Renewable Energy
Florida Offers Clean Energy Rebates, Grants, and Tax Incentives


Energy Star Rebates for Washington, DC Residents


DOE Software Helps Commercial Building Owners Demonstrate Compliance for Tax Credit Eligibility


First Residence Awarded Platinum LEED Rating
Online Residential Building Performance Educational Program Announced
DOE Releases Report on Market Introduction of CFLs in the U.S.
California and Utilities Work to Save Energy in State Buildings
Wal-Mart and Dow Chemical Among Energy Efficiency Awardees
DOE Awards $6 Million for Efficient Building Partnerships
New World Trade Center Complex to Pursue LEED Gold
High Performance, Green Commercial Buildings Featured in Lecture Series


National Solar Tour Comes to 45 States and D.C. on October 7th
Building America to Highlight Best Practices, Zero Energy at EEBA Conference, Norfolk, VA, October 2006
DOE Awards $5 Million for Solid-State Lighting Projects
DOE Proposes New Efficiency Standards for Furnaces and Boilers
DOE and EPA Launch the "Change a Light, Change the World" Campaign
Lower Fuel Costs to Offer Some Relief this Winter, Says EIA
Attractive Building Design Solutions and High Performance Results Featured in Lecture Series


DOE Building America Team Member Breaks Ground on Energy-Efficient Housing Project
New Challenge: Consider the "Six Degrees of Energy Efficiency"
U.S. Green Building Council to Tighten Standards and Add Incentives


DOE-Industry Partnership Produces Efficient Window Prototype
DOE Releases Building Best Practices Handbook for Marine Climates
DOE Study Finds Commercial LED Lamps Fall Short of Claims
LEDs Provide Efficient Lighting Options for the Holidays
Wal-Mart Aims to Sell 100 Million Efficient Light Bulbs in 2007