DOE Announces $44 Million to Provide Net-Zero-Energy Homes

October 19, 2007

DOE announced on October 19th that more than $44 million would be invested in four Building America teams over the next five years. The funds will be used to develop net-zero-energy homes that consume 70% less energy than conventional homes. Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman announced the funding awards in an appropriate setting: at the closing awards ceremony of the Solar Decathlon, where university teams displayed their own net-zero-energy homes.

From fiscal year 2008 to 2012, DOE plans to award $40 million to the Building Science Corporation; IBACOS; the Consortium of Advanced Residential Buildings; and the Building Industry Research Alliance, as well as a consortium of academic and building industry leaders. DOE is also awarding $4.1 million to two regional building technology application centers that will accelerate the adoption of new and developing energy-efficient technologies. The two centers, located at the University of Central Florida and Washington State University, will serve 17 states, providing information and training on commercially available energy-efficient technologies. See Secretary Bodman's speech.

This funding is part of Building America, a DOE-sponsored private and public partnership that conducts research to find energy efficiency solutions for new and existing housing. Building America combines the knowledge and resources of industry leaders with the DOE's technical capabilities. Together, they act as a catalyst for change in the home building industry, with the aim of developing affordable net-zero-energy homes by 2020. See the Building America Web site.