Greening Up the Sports World

July 25, 2012

How could 35 professional sports teams and 20 million square feet of sports facilities improve their energy efficiency and be more environmentally friendly?

That's the question the Energy Department is answering through its Better Buildings Challenge. In order to illustrate the Department’s strategy for greening professional sports facilities, we are highlighting several green sports initiatives aiming to change the way our nation does athletics.

At a recent White House event, the Obama Administration celebrated the sports industry's successes in saving energy, reducing waste, and adopting sustainable practices at sports facilities as part of the Challenge. President Obama established the Better Buildings Challenge to encourage major corporations, universities, and state and local governments to lead the way in saving energy and money and to showcase the best energy-saving results and strategies. Better Buildings has teamed up with the Green Sports Alliance, an organization whose mission is to help sports teams, venues, and leagues be more environmentally friendly. To read the complete story, see the Energy Blog.