DOE Awards $16.5 Million for State Energy Savings Projects

August 30, 2005

DOE announced on August 30th that it will provide $16,509,819 to 42 state energy offices for 178 energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. The state energy offices will use these funds to improve the energy efficiency of schools, homes and other buildings; promote energy-efficient industrial technologies; support renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and biomass energy; promote alternative fuels, alternative fuel vehicles, and heavy-duty hybrid-electric vehicles; and continue supporting seven CHP (Combined Cooling, Heating, and Power) Regional Application Centers. See the DOE press release.

Among the specific projects funded by the grants are efforts to measure wind resources at heights of 100 meters or more and a project to determine the temperature extremes that small inverters built into solar panels can endure. The funding is being provided through DOE State Energy Program Special Projects competitive grants, and will be awarded in September. See the State Energy Program Web site.