Transformations in Lighting:
2012 DOE Solid-State Lighting R&D Workshop

Hyatt Regency Atlanta
Atlanta, GA
January 31–February 2, 2012

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Graphic showing two photos from past SSL workshops and a bulleted list of short, positive attendee comments in between the photos. The top photo shows a group of people networking; the bottom photo shows a group of people in a conference room facing a panel of speakers, with one man standing at a microphone asking a question.

Join DOE for the ninth annual SSL R&D workshop. This gathering of solid-state lighting professionals is a crossroad where the nation's top researchers and lighting industry leaders meet to explore the science challenges and technology hurdles that must be addressed for SSL to succeed. As early products gain traction, a deeper understanding of the science drives impressive improvements and innovative new directions. This workshop offers a unique forum to learn, share, interact, and build partnerships. And with its focus on the cutting edge, it's a way to stay current with an industry moving at warp speed.

There is general agreement that we have barely begun to unlock the full potential—and energy saving impact—of LED and OLED technology. Invited speakers will share insights on the latest technology advances and what this means for the lighting industry. Additional highlights include:

  • Insights on fundamental science challenges
  • Recognition for top R&D performers in 2011
  • Poster session featuring more than 40 DOE-funded projects
  • Lessons learned from installations of today's products
  • A look at future lighting solutions
  • Networking with our nation's leading scientists and lighting experts
  • NEW! IES continuing education credits available

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