Design Competitions

National design competitions heighten awareness and market adoption of high-performance solid-state lighting products.

L Prize

L Prize logo consisting of the words spelled out in uppercase green letters with a yellow dot between The L Prize® competition aims to accelerate development and adoption of SSL products to replace the common light bulb. The L Prize challenges industry to develop replacement technologies for two of today's most widely used and inefficient products: 60W incandescent lamps and PAR 38 halogen lamps. It also calls for development of a 21st Century Lamp that delivers ultra-high efficiency and performance. Learn more.

Next Generation Luminaires

Logo consisting of the words Logo consisting of the words 'Next Generation Luminaires,' with each word on its own line. 'Next' and 'Generation' are in black and 'Luminaires' is in gray uppercase letters. To the left above the word 'Next' is a curved yellow rectangle with a grid design.Next Generation Luminaires™ recognizes excellence in the design of energy-efficient LED commercial lighting luminaires. Sponsored by DOE, the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, and the International Association of Lighting Designers, Next Generation Luminaires launched in May 2008 and was expanded in 2011 to include separate indoor and outdoor competitions. This division enables greater refinement of the performance criteria and the composition of the judging panels, enhancing the competition's value to lighting designers and specifiers.Learn more