Solid-State Lighting GATEWAY Demonstrations

Photo of a post-top outdoor light along a walkway through a wooded park.

Museums Put LED Lighting on Display
Museums rank among the most exacting of all lighting applications. Hear what lighting designer Scott Rosenfeld has to say about using LEDs in a GATEWAY demonstration at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. For more details on GATEWAY museum demonstration projects, download the following reports:

DOE GATEWAY demonstrations showcase high-performance LED products for general illumination in a variety of commercial and residential applications. Demonstration results provide real-world experience and data on state-of-the-art solid-state lighting (SSL) product performance and cost effectiveness. These results connect DOE technology procurement efforts with large-volume purchasers and provide buyers with reliable data on product performance.


DOE shares the results of completed GATEWAY demonstration projects, publishing detailed reports and briefs on completed projects. The reports include analysis of data collected, projected energy savings, payback analysis, and user feedback.

DOE Municipal Solid-State Street Lighting Consortium

To leverage the efforts of multiple cities pursuing evaluations of LED street lighting products, DOE has formed the Municipal Solid-State Street Lighting Consortium. The Consortium collects, analyzes, and shares technical information and experiences related to LED street lighting demonstrations, and also provides a consistent resource for evaluating new products on the market intended for street and area lighting applications.

How to Participate in DOE GATEWAY Demonstrations

GATEWAY demonstration teams typically consist of a product manufacturer, a host site, and an energy efficiency organization or local utility (if applicable). To learn more about the DOE SSL Technology Demonstration GATEWAY Program, see Frequently Asked Questions.