Simple Modular LED Cost Model

The LED Cost Model, developed by the DOE Cost Modeling Working Group, provides a simplified method for analyzing the manufacturing costs of an LED package. The model focuses on the major cost elements and includes preliminary raw data and manufacturing process flow, which provide a starting point and can be customized by the user to model different processes, materials, and equipment.

The tool enables those involved in the manufacture of LED packages – from material and equipment suppliers, to epitaxy growers, to wafer processors, to chip manufacturers and packagers – to evaluate the relative impact of changes made at different points in the manufacturing process on the final LED package cost. For example, the tool can be configured to evaluate the impact of changes to the substrate size and type, the fabrication process, raw materials costs, and the manufacturing equipment used. It can also be used to help complete a cost-benefit analysis in order to quantify the value of a proposed R&D activity by analyzing the impact the anticipated improvements would have on the final LED package cost.

  • Download a zip file containing the LEDCOM model as an excel worksheet, the backend database, and an operating information document. Extract all files to the same local directory on your computer.

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