2013 DOE Solid-State Lighting R&D Workshop

January 29–31, 2013
Hilton Long Beach
Long Beach, California

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As solid-state lighting technology matures, the remaining questions get more complex. Where does future R&D need to be directed to drive significant leaps in LED and OLED performance? How can government and industry work together to find solutions, accelerate advances, and hasten market adoption?

Join DOE at the 10th annual SSL R&D workshop. This gathering of SSL R&D professionals is where the nation's top researchers and industry, government, and academic leaders meet to learn, share, interact, and build partnerships and solutions.

A not-to-be-missed event, where you can:

  • Connect with our nation's top researchers and thought leaders
  • Share the latest on SSL advances and issues
  • Dissect the most complex challenges facing SSL today
  • Explore new ideas and approaches to drive significant technology leaps forward
  • Participate in shaping research agendas

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Photo of a hotel ballroom with seated workshop attendees.
WHAT DID PAST ATTENDEES VALUE MOST? Gathering of so much technical expertise in one place.
Photo of groups of people gathered around posters.
Photo of a man standing behind a podium.
Input and feedback from industry leaders about the next few years.
Photo of a man standing behind a podium.
Photo of a group of people looking at a large light fixture on a table.
Face-to-face discussions with experts in the various technical and R&D fields.
Photo of two men talking.
Photo of groups of people talking in a hotel foyer.
Everyone is participating not just showing up.
Photo of groups of people sitting at round tables.
Photo of a man standing behind a microphone.
No-holds-barred Q&A.
Photo of four men talking in front of a poster.
photo of three men in conversation.
One of the best research/industry meetings I ever attended
Photo of a large number of people talking in groups.
Photo of seven people standing and holding awards.
Encouragement to think differently and hollistically about lighting.
Photo of a large group of people outside listening to a man speak.