REVISED REPORT – DOE Report Estimates Energy Savings in Niche Markets

October 17, 2008

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has released analysis findings for niche markets where light emitting diodes (LEDs) compete with or are poised to compete with traditional lighting sources (e.g., incandescent and fluorescent). The September 2008 report provides estimates of current energy savings plus potential savings if these markets switched to LEDs overnight.

Twelve niche markets were analyzed, comprising four colored-light applications (traffic signals and pedestrian crossings, decorative holiday lights, exit signs, electric signage); six indoor white-light applications (recessed downlights, refrigerated display cases, retail displays, task lights, office undershelf lights, kitchen undercabinet lights); and two outdoor white-light applications (street and area lights and step, path, and porch lights).

LEDs in these markets are already saving consumers nearly $1 billion in electricity costs. If these markets switched to LEDs overnight, energy savings would be the equivalent of taking 18 million residential households off the grid and could save consumers more than $22 billion in electricity costs.

Download the revised October version of the Report, as well as an Errata regarding the refrigerated display case energy savings estimates that impacts calculations throughout the report.