DOE Releases Report on Residential LED Lighting GATEWAY Demonstration

November 6, 2008

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has published the report from the Eugene, Oregon “2008 Tour of Homes” demonstration of LED residential downlights and undercabinet lights. This GATEWAY demonstration report, prepared by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, provides an overview of project results including significant energy savings, improved illuminance uniformity, and positive user feedback.

Key findings:

  • The LED downlight product drew 12 watts of power, reducing energy use by 82% compared to a 65 W incandescent reflector lamp, and by 84% compared to a 75W halogen reflector lamp.
  • The LED undercabinet fixture drew 10 watts, cutting energy use by 83% to 90% compared to a halogen product tested at two power settings.

For more details, download the complete Eugene demonstration report. This residential LED lighting demonstration is one of a number of DOE GATEWAY demonstrations that showcase high-performance LED products for general illumination. To learn more, see DOE's GATEWAY demonstration program.