DOE Requests Pre-Qualification Statements for Stress Testing

March 24, 2009

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is requesting capability statements for the purpose of pre-qualifying research facilities and/or testing laboratories for developing and conducting stress testing of LED-based integral lamps. Qualified organizations will be pre-qualified to develop and execute various test procedures designed to assess performance of specific LED integral lamp products under a range of operating conditions, and to identify failure modes and reduced performance induced by those conditions. Both catastrophic failure and diminished performance (light output, noticeable color shifts, and changes in luminous intensity distribution) are to be considered.

Stress testing will be conducted to support DOE Solid-State Lighting program activities related to CALiPER testing and the L PrizeTM competition. Entries for the L Prize competition must meet stringent performance requirements and undergo rigorous photometric, lifetime, and stress testing before the winners are declared.

View the Pre-Qualification Announcement.