L Prize Competition Receives First Entry

September 25, 2009

The Bright Tomorrow Lighting Prize (L Prize) competition has received its first entrant, a product from Philips Electronics. Philips' entry into the competition is a clear signal that massive energy savings from solid-state lighting are within our grasp, and we hope to see more entries in the coming months.

Sponsored by DOE, the L Prize competition challenges industry to develop LED replacements for two of the most widely used and inefficient types of light bulb – the common 60-watt bulb and the PAR-38 halogen reflector-lamp bulb. Philips' entry is intended to replace incandescent bulbs.

The entry from Philips will now begin a rigorous multiphase evaluation process. Performance testing conducted by independent laboratories will be followed by long-term lumen maintenance testing and field assessments.

Entries will be accepted in each product category until a winner is declared. The first entrant in each category to successfully meet the competition requirements will receive a substantial cash prize as well as L Prize partner promotions and incentives. To date, 27 utilities and energy efficiency program partners stand ready to promote and develop markets for the winning products. Up to two additional entrants may be eligible for program partner promotions – in effect increasing the number of possible qualifiers in each category to three.

For more details, visit www.lightingprize.org.