U.S. Embassy Innovation Center Opens with Award-Winning LEDs

February 26, 2013

President of Finland Sauli Niinistö and Bruce Oreck, U.S. Ambassador to Finland, announced the opening of the U.S. Embassy Innovation Center in Helsinki, Finland, noting it is the first building in the world to use virtually all DOE Next Generation Luminaires (NGL) competition winning products to light the building. The building now features numerous high performance LED fixtures, selected from NGL competition winners, plus one organic LED fixture—there are no incandescent or fluorescent bulbs in the facility.

The Department of State Bureau of Overseas Building Operations team deployed primarily American products to better provide for the safety and security of personnel and to meaningfully reduce energy consumption and the building’s carbon footprint. Congratulations to Embassy Helsinki for its efforts to showcase high performance products, the promotion of American business, and public diplomacy.

Ambassador Bruce Oreck speaks about the lighting at the U.S. Embassy Innovation Center in Helsinki, Finland. (photo courtesy of the U.S. State Department)