DOE Publishes CALiPER Snapshot Report on LED MR16 Lamps

March 5, 2014

The U.S. Department of Energy's CALiPER program has released a Snapshot Report on MR16 lamps, which utilizes the LED Lighting Facts® program's extensive product database to help industry stakeholders understand the current state and trajectory of the market for that class of products.

Among the key findings:

  • Few MR16 lamps currently listed by LED Lighting Facts are comparable to a 50W (12V) halogen MR16 lamp. Of the small subset of MR16s that provided data for beam angle and center beam intensity, only one would meet the minimum ENERGY STAR® center-beam candlepower criterion for equivalence to a 50W halogen MR16 at the same beam angle (40°).
  • While the overall number of MR16s listed by LED Lighting Facts has increased slightly over the past three years, they now account for only 4 percent of all listed products, compared with 11 percent three years ago; and the mean efficacy for newly listed LED MR16s has shown minimal change over the past two years.
  • Both lumen output and input power have increased steadily in recent quarters. The net result has been little change in luminous efficacy.
  • On average, the MR16 lamps listed by LED Lighting Facts have slightly better color quality than other lamp types, with a higher percentage of MR16 lamps having a color rendering index above 90.
  • As with all categories, there is substantial variability in the performance of LED MR16 lamps listed by LED Lighting Facts. Specifiers and consumers should evaluate each product on its own merits.

Download the full report.