OSRAM SYLVANIA Develops High-Efficiency LED Troffer Replacement

Close-up image of one OSRAM Sylvania 2'x2' LED replacement troffer

OSRAM Sylvania's high-efficiency LED 2'x2' troffer will have an efficacy of more than 100 lm/W.

With the help of DOE funding, OSRAM SYLVANIA is developing a high-efficiency LED 2'x2' troffer replacement that is expected to be commercially available in the spring of 2012 and to be cost-competitive with existing troffers of that size. It is projected to have a light output of up to 4,000 lumens, an efficacy of more than 100 lm/W, and a CCT of 3500K.

Efficacy is enhanced by taking a hybrid approach to white-light production, in which a mint-colored LED that's been phosphor-converted from a blue LED is paired with a red LED, thus avoiding the need to use less-efficient green LEDs. To maintain color quality over a wide range of operating temperatures, multiple feedback loops are used to ensure that the color point remains within two MacAdam steps of the target point.

The luminaire's driver is expected to be about 87 percent efficient and to have a power factor greater than 0.9. It will feature four independently controllable output channels with constant current configurations available within the 150-350 mA range, as well as superior dimming with individually addressable pulse width modulation for each channel. The driver will also include embedded intelligence that can communicate digitally with the light engine. In addition, OSRAM SYLVANIA is developing intelligent controls for occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting.