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DOE Hosts Solid-State Lighting Commercial Product Testing Program Workshop

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) hosted a workshop on October 27, 2006, to introduce the DOE SSL Commercial Product Testing Program. The workshop, held in Washington, D.C., drew over 40 participants, including representatives from major lighting companies, fixture manufacturers, independent testing laboratories, and energy efficiency organizations.

James Brodrick, DOE SSL Program Manager, welcomed the attendees and kicked off the session with an overview of the DOE SSL program mission, efficacy targets, and strategy for guiding SSL technology advances from lab to market. Brodrick outlined key components of DOE's commercialization support plan, which includes development of ENERGY STAR® SSL specifications; design competitions for SSL systems; coordination with utility, regional, and national market transformation programs; technology demonstrations and procurement programs; consumer and business awareness programs; technical information resources; and the new SSL Commercial Product Testing Program.

Testing Program Guides DOE Planning and Fosters Developing Market

The Testing Program will support DOE planning for SSL R&D and commercialization support activities. It will also provide unbiased, reliable product performance information to the public in the early years of SSL market development, and strengthen test procedures and measurements for SSL products. At the workshop, Brodrick also announced an upcoming solicitation for Lighting Testing Services, which will secure multiple awards for testing to support the program. More information on the upcoming solicitation will be posted on this website in the coming weeks.

Mia Paget from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory provided a detailed overview of the DOE SSL Commercial Product Testing Program, including the product selection process, testing procedures, and dissemination of test results (subject to the DOE "No Commercial Use Policy."). Paget then discussed the concept of Testing Program Partners, who would help DOE identify potential products for testing, assess market issues, and provide review and comment. Paget concluded with a recap of next steps and a timeline for the Testing Program.

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Workshop Presentations

DOE SSL Program:  Commercialization Support Thrust - Testing (PDF 250 KB)
DOE SSL Commercial Product Testing Program Workshop (PDF 331 KB)

Workshop Reference Materials

Summary of Results: Pilot Round of Product Testing (PDF 71 KB)
DOE SSL Program: Guiding Technology Advances from Laboratory to Marketplace (PDF 94 KB)
Solid-State Lighting Program: Commercialization Support Pathway (PDF 59 KB)