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ENERGY STAR® Solid-State Lighting Workshop

Workshop Purpose: To prepare manufacturers for the launch of the ENERGY STAR SSL program in late September by sharing information on the state of the SSL market, status of relevant test procedures, and the DOE's efforts to launch the program.

The following documents are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs. Download Adobe Reader.


  • SSL Technology Overview (PDF 535 KB)
    James Brodrick, U.S. Department of Energy

  • Review of the ENERGY STAR SSL Criteria (PDF 628 KB)
    Richard Karney, PE, U.S. Department of Energy

  • Test Procedure Update (PDF 264 KB)
    Mike Grather, Luminaire Testing Lab, Chairman, Testing Procedures Committee of the IESNA

  • Testing to LM80 (PDF 494 KB)
    Jeff McCullough, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

  • Program Launch Overview (PDF 1.3 MB)
    Derek Greenauer, D&R International

  • New Product Introduction and Revisions to Criteria (PDF 170 KB)
    Marc Ledbetter, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

  • Expanding Category A (PDF 1.2 MB)
    Jeff McCullough, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory