U.S. Department of Energy - Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Building Technologies Office – Market-Based Programs

CALiPER Exploratory Studies

The DOE CALiPER Program conducts and publishes advanced exploratory studies on issues related to testing of lighting technology and applications.

  • Recessed Troffer Lighting (60 pages, March 2013)
    This study examines the problems and benefits likely to be encountered with LED products intended to replace linear fluorescent lamps. LED dedicated troffers, replacement tubes, and non-tube retrofit kits were evaluated against fluorescent benchmark troffers in a simulated office space for photometric distribution, uniformity of light on the task surface, suitability of light output, flicker, dimming performance, color quality, power quality, safety and certification issues, ease of installation, energy efficiency, and life-cycle cost.

  • Retail Replacement Lamp Testing, 2011 (41 pages, April 2012)
  • Retail Replacement Lamp Testing, 2010 (13 pages, April 2011)
    The reports include test results and analysis for SSL replacement lamp products—directly available through retail outlets—including A19, G25, candelabra, night light, MR16/PAR16, PAR20, and PAR30 replacement lamps.

  • Accounting for Uncertainty in Lumen Measurements
    This study provides a detailed and step-by-step method for determining uncertainty in lumen measurements, working closely with related standards efforts and key industry experts. This report uses the structure proposed in the Guide to Uncertainty Measurements (GUM) for evaluating and expressing uncertainty in measurements. (35 pages, March 2011)