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Retrofit Financial Analysis Tool

The Consortium plans to keep in touch with organizations that are using the Tool, in order to solicit feedback and notify them of future updates. Before downloading and using the Tool, the Consortium encourages users to submit their Consortium member number or email address below to be added to the contact list.

The Street and Parking Facility Lighting Retrofit Financial Analysis Tool was developed by a partnership of the DOE Municipal Solid-State Street Lighting Consortium, the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI)/C40, and the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP), for the financial analysis of retrofitting street and parking facility lighting with more efficient alternatives. Property owners, city and other government agencies, utilities, and energy efficiency organizations can use this tool to compute annualized energy and energy-cost savings, maintenance savings, greenhouse gas reductions, net present value, and simple payback associated with potential lighting upgrades.

  • Download a zip file containing the Retrofit Financial Analysis Tool, Version 1.1.01, and an example version of the Tool filled in with sample data. Save the file to your computer before opening..

Questions about the Retrofit Financial Analysis Tool can be sent to MSSLC@seattle.gov.

Watch the video chapters below to find out more about the Tool, see it in action, and learn how it can help with the evaluation of lighting retrofit projects. (Note: the video chapters show an earlier version of the Tool. For the most current information, please see the August 2013 webcast link above.)

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