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OLED Testing Opportunity

Ongoing discussions with the OLED lighting community have identified the need for a collaborative R&D framework to accelerate developments in OLED lighting technology and manufacturing. DOE has implemented a new testing opportunity to enable component makers to incorporate various R&D-stage components into a baseline state-of-the art (SOTA) OLED device. The results of the testing will lead to the identification of high-performing components with the ability to advance OLED technology performance and efficiency while reducing cost. The collaborative nature of the process will also encourage partnership and accelerate OLED advances.

To use a qualified testing laboratory

Interested component manufacturers must provide a brief description of the technology/component to be tested and the anticipated information that will be gained by testing on a SOTA device. It is expected that the technology developer will have already conducted preliminary testing on the component prior to applying for DOE testing. DOE's testing is intended to move that knowledge beyond the potentially limited capabilities of the developer.

Application Guidelines for OLED Testing

To qualify as a testing laboratory

Testing laboratories that have the capability to incorporate OLED components into baseline structures or complete OLED panels are eligible to apply. A testing laboratory does not have to be able to perform testing on all OLED components to qualify. Laboratories capable of testing any of the approved structure components listed in the Sample Component List in the Sources Sought document are eligible. DOE has qualified one testing laboratory to date, and seeks additional qualified labs to participate.

OLED Testing Call for Sources