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Postings Archives—2010

This page contains links to the weekly Postings of Jim Brodrick, lighting program manager for the U.S. Department of Energy. The Postings provide updates from DOE on solid-state lighting program events, as well as timely discussions of critical issues impacting the development and acceptance of solid-state lighting.

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Note that the fast pace of solid-state lighting technology and market developments often renders last month's news obsolete, so interested readers should stay tuned on a weekly basis. To add your name to the Postings mailing list, contact postings@lightingfacts.com.

The following documents are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs. Download Adobe Reader.


Dec. 17, 2010: GATEWAY demonstration program updatePDF
Dec. 10, 2010: LM-79 standard updatePDF


Nov. 30, 2010: SSL in America—Spotlight on VeecoPDF
Nov. 22, 2010: Summary of Light at Night white paperPDF
Nov. 16, 2010: CALiPER Round 11 testing results on LED replacement lamps
Nov. 4, 2010: SSL in America—Spotlight on Ruud Lighting


Oct. 27, 2010: Review of the Lighting Research Center street lighting study
Oct. 25, 2010: CALiPER Round 11 results
Oct. 15, 2010: First pilot OLED manufacturing facility launched in U.S.PDF
Oct. 7, 2010: Recap of Solid-State Street Lighting Consortium meetings in SeptemberPDF


Sept. 29, 2010: New Posting series on "SSL in America"PDF
Sept. 23, 2010: 2010 Lighting for Tomorrow design competition winnersPDF
Sept. 14, 2010: DOE's expanded focus on SSL educationPDF
Sept. 3, 2010: L Prize competition updatePDF


Aug. 27, 2010: Lighting Facts program updatePDF
Aug. 20, 2010: Municipal Solid-State Street Lighting Consortium First Annual Meeting and Southwest Region Workshop PDF
Aug. 13, 2010: DOE SSL program mission and EISA; Lighting Facts and the new FTC labeling requirements; new DOE consumer education initiative PDF
Aug. 5, 2010: Summary of Philadelphia SSL Market Introduction Workshop PDF


Jul. 28, 2010: Recap of Philadelphia Workshop session "A Decade of Change" and new consumer education initiative PDF
Jul. 21, 2010: SSL 2010 Manufacturing R&D Roadmap published PDF
Jul. 13, 2010: Update on CBEA specifications for parking lot, parking structure, and refrigerated case lighting PDF
Jul. 7, 2010: Preview of Philadelphia SSL Market Introduction Workshop PDF
Jul. 2, 2010: GATEWAY demonstration at DOL HQ parking garage PDF


Jun. 25, 2010: New FTC consumer light bulb labeling requirements PDF
Jun. 15, 2010: New CQS metric to evaluate color quality of white light PDF
Jun. 11, 2010: Design and application issues with LED T8 replacement lamps PDF
Jun. 4, 2010: Publication of LED Luminaire Lifetime: Recommendations for Testing and Reporting PDF


May 28, 2010: CALiPER Round 10 results PDF
May 21, 2010: Observations from LIGHTFAIR® 2010 PDF
May 14, 2010: L PrizeSM competition update PDF
May 4, 2010: Preview of DOE SSL Program at LIGHTFAIR® International; guidance and education PDF


Apr. 30, 2010: Summary of the San Jose SSL Manufacturing R&D Workshop PDF
Apr. 22, 2010: Official launch of Municipal Solid-State Street Lighting Consortium PDF
Apr. 16, 2010: Comparing LED T8 replacement lamps against fluorescent T8 systems PDF
Apr. 9, 2010: Preview of SSL in Higher Education Facilities Workshop PDF
Apr. 1, 2010: DOE's 2010 SSL Multi-Year Program Plan update PDF


Mar. 26, 2010: Preview of the San Jose SSL Manufacturing R&D Workshop PDF
Mar. 16, 2010: Myths and facts surrounding LED linear replacement lamps PDF
Mar. 12, 2010: Q&A on standards PDF
Mar. 5, 2010: Recent developments on SSL standards and test methods PDF


Feb. 26, 2010: Shifting emphasis from watts to lumens PDF
Feb. 19, 2010: 2009 Next Generation LuminairesTM design competition winners PDF
Feb. 12, 2010: Summary of the Raleigh SSL R&D Workshop PDF
Feb. 2, 2010: Preview of the Raleigh SSL R&D Workshop PDF


Jan. 29, 2010: Q&A on DOE SSL program mission, cost-effectiveness of LED lighting, environmental studies PDF
Jan. 22, 2010: DOE Selections for SSL R&D PDF
Jan. 15, 2010: 2010 preview of DOE program activities PDF
Jan. 8, 2010: Reflections on 2009: SSL Technology and Program Progress PDF