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2014 DOE Solid-State Lighting R&D Workshop

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January 28–30, 2014
Hilton Tampa Downtown
Tampa, FL

In the same way that today's cell phone is more than just a phone, tomorrow's solid-state lighting will deliver much more than just light. As SSL products move to the mainstream, scientists and thought leaders are digging deeper and thinking more broadly about new form factors and innovative ways to utilize lighting more effectively. The end result will be increased market adoption—and greater energy savings.

Join DOE at the 11th annual SSL R&D workshop. This gathering of SSL R&D professionals is where industry, government, and academia meet to learn, share, and shape the future of lighting.

A not-to-be-missed event, where you can:

  • Connect with top researchers and thought leaders
  • Dissect the most complex challenges facing SSL today
  • Explore new ideas and approaches to drive significant technology leaps forward
  • Participate in shaping research agendas

Workshop Agenda

Confirmed Speakers: Stephen Blackman, BlackJack Lighting • George Brainard, Thomas Jefferson University • Michael Carmody, Intrinsiq Materials • Brian Chemel, Digital Lumens • Keith Cook, Philips Electronics North America • Gregory Cooper, Pixelligent • Paul Fini, Cree • Nathan Gardner, Glo-USA • Abdelmalek Hanafi, BMW • Eric Haugaard, Cree • Brad Koerner, Philips Lighting • Steven Konsek, National Science Foundation • Abhishek Kulkarni, Boeing • Steve Lester, Toshiba • Jian Li, Arizona State University • Ning Li, IBM • Mike Lu, Acuity Brands • David Maikowski, Guardian Industries • Fred Maxik, Lighting Science • Fred McCormick, 3M • Lorenza Moro, Samsung Cheil Industries • Yoshi Ohno, NIST • Steve Paolini, NEXT Lighting • Barry Rand, Princeton University¬†• Michele Ricks, EMD Chemicals • Franky So, University of Florida • Wouter Soer, Philips Lumileds • Jonathan Steckel, QD Vision • Mark Thompson, University of Southern California • Claude Weisbuch, University of California, Santa Barbara • Jeremy Yon, Litecontrol • Barry Young, OLED Association

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Image of text that reads: What did past attendees value most? Excellent conference, very informative and productive.
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Image of text that reads: Chance to see firsthand the state of the field of SSL and to meet people from all the key companies.
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Image of text that reads: Excellent work to gather direct feedback from industry and users in shaping DOE SSL program priorities.
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Image of text that reads: I try to cover all three annual workshops.They are far better than pure science and pure commercial conferences
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Image of text that reads: Great way to talk and interact with other people in the SSL industry
Photo of a small group of people networking.
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Image of text that reads: Gathering of so much technical expertise in one place.
Photo of a woman standing at a podium giving a presentation. Two men are seated to her left.