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TINSSL Update provides the latest news on topics of interest to TINSSL members.

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DOE's Technical Information Network for Solid-State Lighting (TINSSL) increases awareness of SSL technology, performance, and appropriate applications. TINSSL members include representatives from regional energy efficiency organizations and program sponsors, utilities, state and local energy offices, lighting trade groups, and other stakeholders.

TINSSL members receive regular updates on technical progress of SSL technologies, upcoming meetings and events that address market issues related to SSL, and outreach materials developed for target audiences.

DOE hosts annual TINSSL roundtable meetings, where leaders from electric utilities and energy efficiency programs are invited to identify key issues and challenges they face as they adopt or expand SSL programs – and to provide input on what information resources, program approaches, and other tools they need in order to work together and with DOE to accelerate SSL market adoption.


DOE works closely with TINSSL members to develop needed resources to assist in program planning, evaluation of LED lighting products, and outreach.

  • Trend analysis. At the encouragement of utilities and the energy efficiency community, DOE has developed an SSL pricing and efficiency trend analysis for utility program planning.
  • Market studies. Members are also encouraged to use DOE market studies to aid program planning.
  • Webcasts. TINSSL hosts quarterly member webcasts to provide comprehensive updates on DOE SSL program activities, resources, tools, and topics of interest to utilities and energy efficiency program providers. In addition, TINSSL hosts regular webcasts on SSL issues, trends, and topics of interest that are open to all interested attendees.
  • Fact sheets. A growing library of fact sheets provides helpful information on SSL characteristics, key applications, and critical issues such as color quality, flicker, and lifetime and reliability. These fact sheets are used by DOE and partners to facilitate education and outreach, and TINSSL members are encouraged to download and use these resources in their training and education efforts.
  • Technical support. In addition to education and outreach efforts, TINSSL provides technical support for large collaborative efforts such as the DesignLights Consortium® (DLC). DOE provides technical support for the development of product performance specifications for the DLC's qualified product list, for categories of products not covered by ENERGY STAR®.