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2009 Solid-State Lighting Vancouver Manufacturing Workshop Materials

This page provides links to the presentations given at the 2009 DOE Solid-State Lighting Manufacturing Workshop, held in Vancouver, WA, on June 24-25, 2009, as well as to reference and handout materials.

The following documents are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs. Download Adobe Reader.

Workshop Report

  • Report from the 2009 DOE SSL Manufacturing Workshops (PDF 826 KB)


Day 1

  • Welcome and Fairfax Recap (PDF 897 KB)
    James Brodrick, DOE
  • Systems Approach to Manufacturing (PDF 2.0 MB)
    Mark McClear, Cree Inc.
  • Competition and Cooperation: The SEMATECH Experience (PDF 2.5 MB)
    Scott Kramer, SEMATECH
  • SSL Manufacturing Roadmap (PDF 302 KB)
    Fred Welsh, Radcliffe Advisors
  • OLED Track
    • VTE Requirements for OLED Lighting (PDF 1.4 MB)
      Mike Hack, Universal Display Corporation
    • Manufacturing Strategy Vacuum Deposition (PDF 478 KB)
      Uwe Hoffmann, Applied Materials
    • Vacuum Deposition (PDF 242 KB)
      Michael Long, Eastman Kodak
    • OLED Lighting Pilot Line (PDF 322 KB)
      Gopalan Rajeswaran, Moser Baer
    • Equipment Issues for Processing Roll-to-roll OLED Lighting (PDF 1.1 MB)
      Vincent Cannella, ECD/United Solar Ovonic
    • DuPont Perspective on Manufacture of OLED Lighting (PDF 72 KB)
      Curtis Fincher, DuPont Displays
    • Low Cost, High Efficiency Printed Polymer OLEDs for Flexible Applications and Scalable Manufacturing (PDF 730 KB)
      J. Devin MacKenzie, Add-Vision, Inc.
    • Roll-to-Roll OLEDs (PDF 260 KB)
      Martin Yan, GE Global Research
  • LED Track
    • Accelerating Luminaire SSL Adaption (PDF 679 KB)
      Chuck Berghoff, Optoelectronix
    • LED Electronic Drivers (PDF 363 KB)
      Julio Vera, Philips Solid State Lighting North America
    • LED Manufacturing Equipment Optimization (PDF 952 KB)
      Andrew Hawryluk, Ultratech
    • In-line Process Control and Yield Management for the HBLED Industry (PDF 1.2 MB)
      Richard Solarz, KLA Tencor

Day 2

  • US Manufacturing in a Global Lighting Industry (PDF 95 KB)
    Keith Cook, Philips Lighting
  • US Manufacturing in a Global Lighting Industry (PDF 289 KB)
    Robert Harrison, Osram Sylvania
  • Enabling the Mass Adoption of Solid-State Lighting (PDF 1.7 MB)
    Heng Liu, Bridgelux
  • US Manufacturing in a Global Lighting Industry (PDF 744 KB)
    Govi Rao, Lighting Science
  • Independent Lighting Manufacturers (PDF 145 KB)
    Kevin Willmorth, Lumenique
  • OLED Track
    • Substrates & Encapsulation & Light Outcoupling (PDF 1.2 MB)
      Tom Clausen, 3M
    • OLED Encapsulation Implications for Manufacturing (PDF 276 KB)
      Michael Boroson, , Eastman Kodak
    • Float Glass As Substrate Material (PDF 346 KB)
      Dennis O'Shaughnessy, PPG Industries
    • Preparing for OLED SSL (PDF 142 KB)
      Martin Rosenblum, Vitex Systems Inc.
    • A View of Flexible Substrates for Solid State Lighting (PDF 201 KB)
      Robert Rustin, DuPont Teijin Films
  • LED Track
    • Sapphire Substrates Roadmap (PDF 802 KB)
      Sunil Phatak
    • Low-Cost Nitride Device Production Using Freestanding GaN (PDF 1.7 MB)
      Scott Zimmerman, Goldeneye Inc.
  • A Review of Programs, Codes, Standards, and DOE Involvement Effecting SSL Standards (PDF 350 KB)
    Eric Richman, Pacific Northwest National Laboratories
  • Standards for Solid-State Lighting (PDF 215 KB)
    Kevin Dowling, Philips Color Kinetics
  • The Case for Standards and Collaboration in HB LED Manufacturing (PDF 153 KB)
    Pat Gardner, SEMI
  • Standards for OLED Lighting (PDF 1.4 MB)
    Mike Hack, Universal Display Corporation

Reference Handouts