Guided Tour—Tampa Area LEDs in Action

Photo of a very large building by a body of water.

On January 28, a guided bus tour will visit the Tampa Convention Center, Tampa General Hospital, and Yogurtology, a frozen yogurt retailer, to interact with facility staff and view a wide range of LED general lighting applications. Participants should meet at 6:45 p.m. in the hotel lobby. The bus will depart promptly at 7:00 and will return to the Hilton at approximately 9:15. There is a $20 transportation fee and registration is on a first-come first-served basis.

Tour Registration

First Stop: Tampa Convention Center

333 S. Franklin Street, Tampa, FL 33602
Tour leader: Brian Hunter, Director of Operations, Tampa Convention Center (TCC)

Meeting and convention venues have exacting lighting requirements. Formerly lit by 375 Metal Halide (HID) fixtures that were original to the facility, the TCC concourse dropped from 201W to 39W per LED fixture for an approximately 80% – or about $23,000 – annual energy savings. Exhibit halls converted to LED high bay luminaires, and art and decorative elements are now lit by LED spot lights using DMX controls. The tour leader will share the facility's criteria for selecting LEDs, along with lessons learned addressing the unique challenges these large spaces pose for proper illumination with LEDs.

Second Stop: Tampa General Hospital

1 Tampa General Circle, Tampa, FL 33606
Tour leader: Jose R. Marotta, P.E., Senior Electrical Engineer, Tampa General Hospital (TGH)

TGH installed lighting in several outdoor locations several years ago, and more recently began to convert selected applications to indoor illumination with LEDs. This stop will illustrate LEDs in healthcare applications with various levels of security, comfort, and acuity, including 2'x2' and 2'x4' LED troffers, cove and track lights, and surgical high intensity lighting. This 1,018-bed teaching hospital is actively providing treatment to patients: face masks will be required and provided to those who have not had a seasonal flu shot.

Third Stop: Yogurtology

Photo of the inside of a yogurt shop with a service counter in the background and tables and chairs in the foreground.

3017 West Gandy Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33611
Tour leaders: Eric Higgs, CEO, and Kyle Nelson, Project Manager, LumaStream

In 2012, Yogurtology, a premium yogurt franchise, transformed an old bank branch into a welcoming, modern retail space. Converting the bank required major renovations, including rewiring over a firewall. The company chose low-voltage power supplies and driver-less LED light fixtures to save time, labor, and materials. The site uses a centralized power supply for digital power conversion, constant current drivers, and seamless dimming control – and both power and control signals are transmitted via speaker wire to the LED lighting. The lighting includes 50 downlights, accent lights, and 2'x2' troffers.

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