CALiPER Application Reports

Application Reports focus on specific product types and design scenarios, offering comparative analysis that puts LED performance in context relative to the overall lighting industry and benchmark technologies. This approach serves to educate the industry on market trends, potential issues, and important areas for improvement.

Photo of a row of PAR38 lamps attached to a truss system.


photo of a hotel reception desk.

LED MR16 Lamps

The MR16 is the most common MR (multifaceted reflector)-type lamp and is a key component of the focal lighting systems used in retail, hospitality, residential, and museum applications. MR16s are unique among directional lamps because they're most often operated at low voltage, and their design is constrained by the small form factor. Beyond the usual performance characteristics, the compatibility of electronic components must also be considered. Learn more about CALiPER investigations of LED MR16 lamps.

Photo of a row of PAR38 lamps attached to a truss system.


LED PAR38 Lamps

The PAR (parabolic aluminized reflector) lamp is a common type of reflector lamp that's often used in retail display lighting and other demanding applications where color quality and visual appearance are important considerations. Although the directionality of LEDs makes them well-suited for use in PAR lamps, the effectiveness and utility of conventional halogen PAR lamps present a challenge to SSL. Learn more about CALiPER investigations of LED PAR38 lamps.

Photo of a group of people in a room looking up at troffer lights in the ceiling.


LED Linear Lamps and Troffer Lighting

More than half of all the light sources in commercial applications are linear fluorescent lamps, which are used in a wide range of fixtures, including 2' x 4', 2' x 2', and 1' x 4' troffers. But a growing number of LED products are being offered as energy-efficient alternatives – including T8 LED replacement lamps, integral LED luminaires (2' x 4' and 2' x 2'), and kits to upgrade fluorescent troffers to an LED option. Learn more about CALiPER investigations of LED troffers, tubes, and retrofit kits.

Photo of a store shelf showing different types of LED replacement lamps.


Retail Replacement Lamps

LED replacement lamps are now directly available through many retail outlets. Annual CALiPER testing of A19, G25, candelabra, night light, MR16/PAR16, PAR20, and PAR30 replacement lamps – purchased directly from store shelves – offers insights on performance trends from year to year. Learn more about CALiPER investigations of retail replacement lamps.

Detailed reports are available for all CALiPER-tested products via an online search system. Older CALiPER Reports are available for download in the CALiPER archives.