Outdoor Lighting Resources

DOE offers a variety of resources to guide municipalities, utilities, and others in their evaluation of LED street lighting products.


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Tools assist users with project planning and analysis.

  • Retrofit Financial Analysis Tool
    The Retrofit Financial Analysis Tool provides municipalities, utilities, and other organizations a method of analyzing the cost and return-on-investment from lighting efficiency projects.

Published Specifications

Specifications help determine appropriate performance characteristics for a particular lighting application.

Lighting Market Reports

Lighting market reports present objective market data and analysis.

A photo of the Outdoor Area Lighting report.

Technology Fact Sheets

Technology fact sheets describe solid-state lighting, its characteristics and applications, and issues related to successful market introduction.

White Papers

White papers explore critical issues that impact SSL technology and market adoption.

SSL Implementation Briefs

SSL Implementation Briefs examine the experiences of municipalities as they investigate and adopt LED street lighting technology.


A photo of a Gateway Demonstrations report.

GATEWAY demonstrations showcase high-performance LED products for general illumination in a variety of commercial and residential applications.

  • LED Street Lighting: Kansas City Report
    Evaluation of nine different LED street lighting products compared to existing high-pressure sodium luminaires in real-world conditions. Kansas City Report
  • LED Roadway Lighting: City of Philadelphia Report
    Comparison of the performance of 10 different LED roadway luminaires relative to the incumbent high-pressure sodium luminaires. Philadelphia Report
  • LED Roadway Lighting: Cully Boulevard (Portland, OR) Report
    Evaluation of the initial performance of six different types of roadway luminaires installed in side-by-side groupings on a residential collector road. Cully Boulevard Report
    Cully Boulevard Report Brief
  • LED Roadway Lighting: FDR Drive (New York, NY) Report
    Comparison of LED luminaires from four different manufacturers to incumbent high-pressure sodium luminaires, and evaluation of relative light output and performance. FDR Drive Report
  • LED Post-Top Street Lighting: City of Sacramento Report
    Assessment of the performance of LED technology in ornamental post-top street lights relative to existing
    high-pressure sodium luminaires. Sacramento Report
  • LED Roadway Lighting: City of Palo Alto Report
    Assessment of energy, economic, and performance impacts of replacing high-pressure sodium street lights with LED and induction street lights. Palo Alto Report
    Palo Alto Report Brief
  • LED Street Lighting: Lija Loop (Portland, OR) Report
    Analysis of the energy and performance impacts of replacing eight high-pressure sodium street lights on one residential street with LED luminaires. Lija Loop Report
  • LED Roadway Lighting: I-35W Bridge Report
    Analysis of Phase 1 results, completed in September 2008; Phase 2 involves long-term monitoring to evaluate lumen depreciation, physical effects, and performance impacts over time. Bridge Report, Phase 1
  • LED Street Lighting: City of San Francisco Report
    Study of performance of LED street lights from four different manufacturers, installed on four public avenues to replace 100-watt nominal high-pressure sodium luminaires. San Francisco Report
  • LED Street Lighting: City of Oakland Report
    Assessment of energy, economic, and safety impacts of replacing 15 high-pressure sodium street lights on two public streets with LED luminaires. 
    Oakland Report, Phase IIIPDF 
    Oakland Report, Phase IIPDF 
    Oakland Report Brief, Phase IIPDF
A photo of a CALiPER report.

CALiPER Reports

CALiPER testing provides unbiased performance results for a widely representative array of commercially available SSL products for general illumination.

  • Round 11 Summary ReportPDF
    Includes results and analysis for products tested, including roadway arm-mount and post-top luminaires, linear replacement lamps, high-bay luminaires, and small replacement lamps.
  • Round 10 Summary ReportPDF
    Includes results and analysis for products tested, including parking structure luminaires, outdoor wallpack luminaires, cove lighting luminaires, and replacement lamps.
  • Round 7 Summary ReportPDF
    Includes results and analysis for products tested, including outdoor area and street lights, downlights, and replacement lamps.


Past webinars provide information about the Consortium and about LED street lighting programs and resources.

External Resources

External resources provide various information about LED street lighting.

  • LED Street Lighting: A Handbook for Small Communities, available for purchase from the American Public Power Association, provides guidance for small organizations and municipalities considering an LED streetlight retrofit. The handbook provides case studies of small communities that installed LED luminaires, as well as information on how to analyze the costs and benefits of an LED streetlight retrofit and prepare bid documents.


  • DOE reviewof the Lighting Research Center's Specifier Report on Streetlights for Collector Roads.



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