2005 DOE Solid-State Lighting Program Planning Workshop Materials

This page provides links to the presentations given at the DOE Second Annual Solid-State Lighting Workshop, held in San Diego, CA, on February 3-4, 2005, as well as links to reference materials. The following documents are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs. Download Adobe Reader.


  • Illuminating the Path to Energy Savings: Solid-State Lighting (PDF 304 KB)
    M. McCabe, DOE

  • Keynote Presentation: 2nd Annual DOE SSL Workshop (PDF 2.2 MB)
    K. Dowling, Color Kinetics
    S. Kennedy, Kennedy & Violich Architecture

  • DOE Solid-State Lighting Status and Overview (PDF 171 KB)
    J. Brodrick, DOE

  • Solid-State Lighting Program – "Organization" (PDF 280 KB)
    E. Christy, NETL

  • Next Generation Lighting Industry Alliance (PDF 307 KB)
    T. Graves, NGLIA

  • Solid-State Lighting: Intellectual Property (PDF 127 KB)
    P. Gottlieb, DOE

  • Complexities of Color (PDF 2.6 MB)
    W. Davis, NIST

  • Summary of DOE SSL R&D Agenda Updates and Ranking (PDF 221 KB)

Reference Documents