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Vehicle Technologies Alternative Fuel Vehicle Deployment Initiatives

Funding: The total amount to be awarded is $4,500,000. EERE anticipates making awards that range from $250,000 to $1,000,000.

Open Date: 07/16/2014

Close Date: 10/01/2014

Selection Announcement: 2015-02-27

Funding Organization: Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Funding Number: DE-FOA-0000951


The objective of this FOA is to create and implement high-impact and highly innovative approaches to increase the acceptance and deployment of alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs). This will be accomplished in part by funding three different areas of interest (AOI) that focus on AFV-use demonstrations via hands-on experiences, safety-related training, and emergency preparedness.

EERE anticipates that many different projects will be proposed and encourages new and innovative approaches that are projected to have a high impact. The alternative fuel types to be addressed under this FOA are provided on the EPAct Transportation Regulatory Activities website.

For more information, see the full solicitation.

Additional Information:

Last updated: 07/16/2014

Funding amounts and schedules are subject to change.