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National Clean Fleets Partner: Coca-Cola

Photo of a Coca-Cola hybrid electric delivery truck.

Coca-Cola is working to increase the efficiency of its fleet of delivery vehicles worldwide. The company is optimizing delivery routes, reducing packaging weight, and training drivers in "eco-driving" techniques. It has the largest heavy-duty, diesel-electric hybrid truck fleet in North America, resulting in significant fuel savings and emissions reductions.

Fast Facts

  • Joined the National Clean Fleets Partnership: June 2011
  • Headquarters: Atlanta, GA
  • Operations: Global
  • Strategies and Technologies: Electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, route optimization, packaging weight reductions, driver training, idle reduction, natural gas, propane, biodiesel

Coca-Cola Charges Forward With Hybrid Delivery Trucks

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More Information

For additional information, contact the Clean Cities National Clean Fleets Partnership account managers, Don Francis and Mark Bentley.

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Clean Fleets News

Oct. 25, 2013

Coca-Cola unveils first electric refrigerated trucks

ATLANTA – Coca-Cola will deploy more than 30 alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) in select cities across the United States by the end of 2013. Half of these vehicles are refrigerated electric delivery trucks that will carry Coca-Cola's Odwalla brand juices and beverages. Coca-Cola's AFV fleet includes hybrid-electric, liquefied natural gas (LNG), and compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles. Together, these vehicles reduce emissions equivalent to removing 10,000 cars from the road annually.

This industry-leading fleet supports the company's goal to reduce the carbon footprint embedded in "the drink in your hand" by 25% by 2020. In addition to decreasing vehicle emissions, Coca-Cola is making carbon footprint reductions across its manufacturing processes, packaging, refrigeration equipment, and ingredient sourcing.

"Coca-Cola is intently focused on our environmental commitments. One of many ways we are delivering is by operating the largest heavy-duty hybrid electric fleet in North America," said Rick Frazier, chief product supply officer for Coca-Cola Refreshments. "By investing in hybrid vehicles, we are reducing our carbon footprint while using the best possible mix of energy sources."

In California, 16 refrigerated plug-in electric vehicles will hit the streets by year's end. The first-of-its-kind fleet will transport chilled Odwalla beverages throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Each truck and refrigeration unit produces zero tailpipe emissions, eliminating fuel use by about 90 gallons per week. Coca-Cola will launch 15 additional AFVs to service U.S. cities including Dallas and Chicago.

To further reduce its carbon footprint, Coca-Cola utilizes a custom-designed Smartdriver program that coaches drivers in eco-driving techniques, such as minimal braking and early gear changes. Through its implementation, the company has trained approximately 11,000 drivers to date.

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