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Integrated Biorefinery and Infrastructure Technologies Peer Review Webinars, February 1-3, 2011

January 25, 2011

The U.S Department of Energy (DOE)’s Biomass Program is hosting a series of Webinars associated with its biennial Peer Review of Integrated Biorefinery (IBR) technology and Biofuels Distribution Infrastructure and End Use (Infrastructure) projects. This year’s meetings are available to provide interested stakeholders the opportunity to learn more about federally funded research, development, and deployment activities that are focused on bioenergy technologies.

During the meetings, project principal investigators (PIs) will discuss their projects’ status, budgets, goals, accomplishments, challenges, and relevance to the Biomass Program, and answer questions from expert review panelists. External stakeholders will be able to hear the project presentations and participate in limited Q&A sessions. The results of Peer Review evaluations will form the basis for the overall Biomass Program Peer Review meeting, which will be held June 27–28, 2011 (see HERE) and cover a large majority of Program projects.  Peer Review results are also used to generate future work plans and develop Annual Operating Plans, Multiyear Program Plans, and potentially redirect individual projects (see HERE for results from the Program’s last two biennial reviews). Results of the Peer Review process will be publically available online.

Registering for the Webinar

The Biomass Program will host the proceedings of the IBR review using GoToWebinar from 8:00am–5:00pm on February 1–3, 2011, and the Infrastructure proceedings on February 3, 2011. Using the GoToWebinar software, participants can send in text-based questions, which, if not addressed through dialogue with expert reviewers, will be read aloud to the project presenter as time allows. Webinar registration will be broken into morning and afternoon sessions. Consult the review agendas to help determine which proceedings to participate in, available here: IBR and Infrastructure.

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