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DOE Offers $10 Million to Promote Zero-Emission Cargo Transport Vehicles

April 4, 2012

DOE announced on March 20 that up to $10 million will be available this year to demonstrate and deploy electric transportation technologies for cargo vehicles, such as trucks and forklifts. DOE's support for the development and demonstration of innovative alternative vehicle technologies is designed to help reduce U.S. reliance on gasoline and diesel and oil imports.

Electrifying cargo transportation vehicles and infrastructure will slash petroleum use, carbon emissions, and air pollution at transportation hubs, such as ports. DOE seeks applicants to demonstrate cost-effective zero-emission cargo transport systems and collect detailed performance and cost data to analyze the benefits and viability of this approach to freight transportation. This funding opportunity is open to local governments and private companies, with federal funds matched in a 50% cost share. Applications are due May 15, 2012. See the DOE Progress Alert and the Funding Opportunity Announcement.

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