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Clean Cities Technical Assistance (Tiger Teams)

Clean Cities offers exert technical assistance through the Clean Cities Technical Assistance Project, also known as Tiger Teams. This technical assistance helps Clean Cities coordinators, stakeholders, original equipment manufacturers, and fuel providers overcome obstacles to deploying alternative fuels and advanced vehicles and make informed choices to reduce their petroleum consumption.

Projects Eligible for Assistance

Clean Cities will consider technical-assistance requests for the following types of projects:

Applying for Assistance

To qualify for technical assistance, applicants must demonstrate they have made efforts to solve their problems using their own resources. Applicants can request technical assistance by submitting their contact information and details about the project to John Gonzales at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Each request for technical assistance is evaluated according to the following criteria:

John Gonzales notifies the applicant of its decision and provides an estimated start date and allocated hours, if applicable.

Receiving Assistance

Once a project is selected for assistance, a technical expert gathers information from the applicant, stakeholders, and other key contacts. The expert identifies the project requirements, and documented work begins.

Work proceeds through teleconferences and site meetings with the expert and local stakeholders. At the conclusion of the project, the technical expert submits final documentation on the resolution and recommended future actions to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the U.S. Department of Energy, and the regional managers.

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Content Last Updated: 09/22/2014