Natural Gas Vehicle Technology Forum Technical Committee Meeting Presentations (2004)

Photo of meeting in progress Photo of speaker delivering presentation Photo of panel discussion

April 14-15, 2004, Sacramento, California

Following are presentations given at the Natural Gas Vehicle Technology Forum (NGVTF) Technical Committee Meeting held April 14-15, 2004, in Sacramento, California.

Tour of PG&E's Small Scale LNG Production Facility

Photo of PG&E's small scale LNG production facility Photo of man explaining PG&E small scale LNG production equipment Photo of LNG storage tank at PG&E's small scale LNG production facility

Natural Gas Liquefaction
Brian Stokes, Pacific Gas & Electric and Bruce Wilding, Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory

Related Information, Small Scale Liquefier Development
Gas Technology Institute


Introduction and Agenda Review
Dennis Smith, U.S. Department of Energy and Richard Parish, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Day 1 Presentations

The Role of NGVs in California
Tom Cackette, California Air Resources Board

California Natural Gas Vehicle Update
McKinley Addy, California Energy Commission

South Coast AQMD NGV Projects Update
Henry Hogo, South Coast Air Quality Management District

Alternative Fuel Vehicle Funding Opportunities
Juan Ortellado, Bay Area Air Quality Management District

California Update
Mike Eaves, California Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition

Texas Emission Reduction Plan (TERP)
Cliff Gladstein, Gladstein Neandross & Associates

Day 2 Presentations

Interstate Clean Transportation Corridor: Update
Cliff Gladstein, Gladstein Neandross & Associates

U.S. Department of Energy Next Generation Natural Gas Vehicle (NGNGV) Engine & Vehicle Projects
Mike Frailey, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Westport and CWI: Engine Market Analysis Update
Bruce Hodgins, Westport Innovations

Safety Evaluation of the FuelMaker Home Refueling Concept
Larry Waterland, TIAX LLC

Recommended Practices for CNG Fueling Station Design, Construction and Operation
Rob Adams, Marathon Technical Services

California LNG Transportation Fuel Supply Outlook: Import Terminals
Charles Powars, St. Croix Research

Proposed LNG Tank Standard/Proposed LNG Composition Standard
Hank Seiff, Clean Vehicle Education Foundation

LNG Discussion
Joe Darling, New York Department of Transportation

NGVC FY2005 Budget Priorities for Natural Gas Vehicle RD&D
Doug Horne, Clean Vehicle Education Foundation