Natural Gas Vehicle Technology Forum 2008 Meeting and Presentations

Around 90 people attended the Natural Gas Vehicle Technology Forum (NGVTF) Meeting in Downey, CA, on Nov. 19-20, 2008. The meeting featured a review of natural gas vehicle R&D projects, marketing strategies, equipment development, and outlook for natural gas. Presentations focused on opportunities and challenges facing the natural gas vehicle industry.

For more information about the meeting and presenters, see the agenda. A meeting summary is also available. Note: Presentations are posted here with the permission of the presenters.

Day 1

NGVTF Reestablished: Natural Gas Vehicle Technology Development and Funding
Dennis A. Smith, U.S. Department of Energy

California Energy Commission's Natural Gas Vehicle Research Roadmap
Philip Misemer, California Energy Commission

Natural Gas: The New U.S. Transportation Fuel
Mitchell Pratt, Clean Energy

National Natural Gas Vehicle Legislative Update
Rich Kolodziej

The Role of Clean Fuels and Clean Vehicles in Meeting Air Quality Standards
Dean K. Saito, South Coast Air Quality Management District

Cummins Westport Overview
Dwight Hanson, Cummins Westport

Natural Gas Niche Market Assessment
Stephe Yborra, NGVAmerica

California Low Carbon Fuel Standard: Opportunity for NGVs
William Zobel, Southern California Gas Company

Natural Gas Infrastructure Development
James Harger, Clean Energy

FuelMaker Overview
Robert Chautems, FuelMaker Corporation

Day 2

Overview of Kenworth LNG Trucks
Scott Pease, Kenworth

Sterling Clean Drive Technologies
Robert Carrick, Sterling Trucks

Autocar LLC: Oldest U.S. Continuous Brand
Rob Strange, Autocar, LLC

Performance & Air Pollutant Emissions of Vehicles Operating on Various Natural Gas Blends
Tom Durbin, Center for Environmental Research and Technology, College of Engineering, University of California, Riverside

Gas Technology Institute R&D Activities
Tony Lindsay, Gas Technology Institute

Westport ISX G Overview
Kelly Mills, Westport Fuel Systems, Inc.

Honda Energy Choices
Annabel Cook, Cook & Associates

Overview of IMPCO Technologies
Kay Hay, IMPCO Technologies, Inc.

Baytech Medium and Light-Duty CNG Vehicles and Engines
Richard Turner, Baytech Corporation

Baytech CNG Heavy-Duty Vehicles and Engines
Richard Turner, Baytech Corporation

Biogas for Transportation
Jon Lear, Ruby Mountain, Inc.

Biogas to LNG
John A. Barclay, Prometheus Energy Company

Biogas for Transportation, A Global Perspective
Bryan Luftglass, The Linde Group

NGV Cylinder Safety, Training & Inspection Project
Hank Seiff, Clean Vehicle Education Foundation

NGVTF Meeting Summary
Margo Melendez, Fuels and Vehicles Technology Deployment, NREL