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Clean Cities Publishes 2014 Vehicle Buyer’s Guide
Ford Debuts Solar Energy Concept Car
Help Design the Hydrogen Fueling Station of Tomorrow
Clean Cities Launches Improved Tool to Help Fleets Evaluate CNG Investments
DOT Offers nearly $25 Million for More Zero-Emission Buses
Energy Department Offers $50 Million to Advance Fuel Efficient Autos


DOE Offers $12 Million for Carbon Fiber-from-Biomass Technologies
EV Everywhere: NASCAR and Sprint Race Forward with Workplace Charging
SuperTruck Making Leaps in Fuel Efficiency


UPS Invests in Propane for U.S. Delivery Fleet
Clean Energy Highlights from the President's 2015 Budget Proposal
Sea-Tac Airport Unveils Clean Electrification Project
National Parks Roll on With Alternative Fuels


Volvo Recognized for Leadership in Energy Efficiency
EcoCAR 3 Competition Launches for University Teams
Louisiana Company Switches to CNG, Helps Transform Local Fuel Supplies


Energy Department Announces $10 Million to Advance Zero-Emission Cargo Transport Vehicles


Ohio State University Races to the Finish as the Winner of EcoCAR 2


New York Unveils First Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Statewide Plan
$4.5 M in Funding Available for Alternative Fuel Market Readiness


New National Clean Fleets Partners Build New Roads to Sustainability
EcoCAR 3 Kicks Off in September
Energy Department Invests More Than $55 Million to Advance Efficient Vehicle Technologies


Energy Department and EPA Release 2015 Fuel Economy Guide
Tampa Bay Designated as the Newest Clean Cities Coalition
Survey Says: Workplace Charging is Growing in Popularity and Impact


Alabama Coalition Leaders Become Newest Clean Cities Hall of Fame Inductees
Air Force Tests First All-Electric Vehicle Fleet in California